Bernie Sanders on being the Democratic front-runner and taking on Donald Trump

Coming off his win in the Nevada caucuses, Bernie Sanders talks about Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump, democratic socialism, and what he would do if elected president.

Feb 24, 2020

Bernie Sanders had an impressive win last night in the Nevada caucuses. He also won in the New Hampshire primary and leads the Democratic field in national polls. It’s a stunning turn of events for a man who calls himself a “democratic socialist,” and is the first to admit he’s been preaching the same populist, progressive message for decades.

As the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, then a U.S. congressman, now an independent senator who caucuses with the Democrats, Sanders has been arguing that the very rich should pay higher taxes so that everyone can have health care, education, and a decent paying job. Sanders is 78 years old, and is filling arenas with huge crowds of young, enthusiastic supporters. He’s used to being the underdog, but now, grudgingly, has to admit: in the Democratic race for president, he’s the front-runner.

Anderson Cooper: After your entire career, to now be the front-runner of the Democratic Party–

Bernie Sanders: Yes, that is a bit shocking. I will agree. I will agree with you there.

Anderson Cooper: The Democratic Party has moved to you, if anything?

Bernie Sanders: In many ways, they have. And– and the ideas that seemed radical four years ago are now kind of mainstream.

Anderson Cooper: The ideas are still pretty radical. I mean you’ve been saying with pride that you’re making a lot of people nervous. You said, “Wall Street’s getting nervous, the insurance industry’s getting nervous, drug companies are getting nervous, and the Democratic establishment is getting nervous.”

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Bernie Sanders: Yep, that’s what I said.