UK Parliament Applauds Ukrainian Nazis

A major international news story on May 22nd was reported only by Russia’s RT News, headlining “UK MPs applaud Ukrainian neo-Nazis (PHOTOS): Members of Azov were greeted as heroes in London.”

A more detailed news-report on the event was then published online on May 23rd by the “Ukraine Uncensored” site on Quora, headlining “Members of British parliament applauded a delegation from the (*NEO-NAZI*) Azov movement who are bestie with Israel”. The chief initial financial backer of the “movement” or brigade was the binational Israeli Ukrainian billionaire, Ihor Kolomoisky, who also donated to other nazi battalions, and who briefly was appointed as the governor of Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk region after the U.S. Government took over Ukraine in February 2014.

Up until at least May 24th, there has been no news-report in the U.S., UK, or other U.S.-government-controlled ‘news’-media, about the event in the UK’s Parliament honoring the Azov Battalion’s “heroes.”

The Azov Battalion uses the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol as its logo, and was created and first organized during February through April 2014, immediately after the U.S. Government took control of Ukraine. Its leader since its start has been Andrei Biletsky, who posted online his ideology, as follows (in English):

Ukrainian Social Nationalism

[symbol is presented here of the inverted Nazi Wolfsangel sign]

The main idea of mystical Social Nationalism is its creation, consisting not of piles of separate individuals united mechanistically into something called “Ukrainian” and the presence of Ukrainian passport, but instead a single National biological organism, which will consist of a new people — a physically, intellectually and spiritually more highly developed people. From the mass of individuals will thus come forth the nation, and the faint start of modern man: Superman.

Social Nationalism is based on a number of fundamental principles that clearly distinguish it from other right-wing movements. This triad is: socialism, racism, imperialism.

I. Socialism. We fight to create a harmonious national community. We argue that cutting social rozmezhovanist leads to decay and disintegration of Spirit of the national community, as well as fostering selfishness. We vidmitayemo being rich (provided the wealth acquired by them fair and socially useful work), but rejected the possibility of the poor. Every Ukrainian irrespective of the nature of the work should have a decent social status and material security. “I am ashamed to be poor in a rich country, even more ashamed to be rich in a poor country.”

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On the principle of socialism follows our complete negation of democracy and liberalism, which generate rozbytthya Nation isolated on gray power unit and a crowd of famous personalities (ochlocracy). Instead, we put forward the idea of national solidarity, the natural hierarchy and discipline, as the basis of our new society. Not a “democratic vote” crowd, who can not give councils to their own life, much less to the life of the State, but instead natural selection of the best representatives of the Nation — born-leaders as Ukraine’s leaders. Anyone who believes that this system of government is unacceptable, let him think, and if acceptable modern power system in which the prostitute and the Academy have equal say where degraded addict or gay equally valued in the election of the commander of the armored division. People by nature are born with different abilities and abilities and therefore the greatest happiness of man — when it finds its own place in the national hierarchy and conscientiously fulfills its purpose in life.

II. Racism. All our nationalism is nothing — just a castle in the sand — without reliance on the foundation of blood Races. Traditional (postwar, postounivskomu) nationalism has put the cart before the horse – claim that the nation is linguistic, cultural or territorial and economic phenomenon. We certainly do not exclude the value of spiritual, cultural and linguistic factors, as well as territorial patriotism. But our deep conviction is that all this only derivatives from our race, our racial nature. If Ukrainian spirituality, culture and language are unique, it is only because our racial nature is unique. If Ukraine will become paradise on earth, it is only because our Race turned it so.

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Accordingly, treatment of our national body should start with racial purification of the Nation. And then in a healthy body can be regenerated a Race healthy national spirit, and its culture, language and everything else. Apart from the question of purity, we must pay attention to matters of usefulness to Races. Ukrainians — it’s part (and one of the largest and highest quality) of the European White Races. Races that produce a great civilization, the highest human achievement. The historic mission of our Nation, a watershed in this century, is thus to lead the White peoples of the world in the final crusade for their survival. It is to lead the war against Semites and the sub-humans they use.

III. Imperialism. We change the slogans “Independent Ukraine,” “United Ukraine” and “Ukrainians,” by an imperial nation that has a long history. Throughout its existence, the Ukrainians had at least two superpowers – Great Scythia and Kievan Rus. The task of the present generation is to create a Third Empire [a Ukrainian Third Reich] — Great Ukraine. This question, oddly enough, is not so much political as biological. Any living organism in nature seeks to expand, reproduce itself, increase its numbers. This law is universal and Paramecium caudatum, and for the person and for the Nation-Race. Suspension means extinction in nature — death. The slowdown in population growth leads to biological death of Nations, the suspension of political expansion, and decline of the state. Thousands of times we have heard stenannya pseudo-nationalist oppression of us Poles and Moscow, their curses to the empires. Social Nationalism is not so, he says – if we are strong, we take what is ours by right and even more, we will build a superpower empire — Great Ukraine, which is the legal successor of the Scythian and Kiev Russian empires. If we are weak, we place among the conquered peoples dying. As things are in nature! The choice is ours!

So, Social Nationalism raises to shield all old Ukrainian Aryan values forgotten in modern society. Only their recovery and implementation by a group of fanatical fighters can we lead to the final victory of European civilization in the world struggle.

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This stand is right, and can not be otherwise!

Glory to Ukraine!

Andrei Beletsky

And here he is being interviewed, introduced with fanfare and with that Nazi symbol, to speak “on the war and the subsequent situation in the east.”

And here a group of them pose at the end of their dance celebrating “White Power!”

And here are their children being trained at a Ukrainian summer camp for nazi kids.

And here, in a music video, is Azov’s female leader, Olena Semenyaka, who travels throughout Europe spreading this Ukrainian version of nazism.

This is very appropriate for a regime in Ukraine that was installed by Barak Obama in a coup in February 2014 that overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected and neutralist President and replaced him with a string of pro-nazi rabidly anti-Russian leaders.

It is likewise appropriate for the increasingly nazi UK’s Parliament to be applauding these “heroes.”


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