Turkey joins regional allies in blocking U.S. airspace for potential Iran strikes

Apr. 13, 2024

In a significant development, Turkey has declined the United States’ request to use its airspace for potential attacks on Iran.

This refusal adds to a series of similar denials from Kuwait, Jordan, and Qatar who had denied USA the permission to allow its bases to attack Iran.

The Gulf countries have also advised the US against utilizing American military bases within their territories for potential strikes in response to any Iranian attacks on Israel, Middle East Eye reported.

Quoting a senior US official, the newspaper reported that the official said that the Gulf allies of the US are actively working to “prevent any connections” that could implicate them in a US retaliation against Tehran or its allies from bases located within their kingdoms.

Iran, believed to be aiding, Palestinian groups in their resistance against Israel, has said it will retaliate the attacks on its embassy by Israel.

Last week Israel bombed a consulate of Iran in Damascus killing at least two Iranian officials in the Syrian capital.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayataullah Khamenei on his eid speech threatened that the country will retaliate to the direct state aggression of Israel in the coming days.

United States of America on Friday issued an alert that Iran was going to launch attacks on Israel in response to the bombings on its embassy.

“Within 72 hours,” United States warned, further stating that the scale of the retaliation wil not be so big for USA to intervene.

Immediately after the threat, several countries have shut their flight operations to Israel. Several others have issued travel advisories and the stock market in US ha shown a downward spike.

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Many senior officials in Israel have demanded that U.S- Israel should attack Iran immediately  and not wait for their attack.

Iran, meanwhile, has warned the U.S to not intervene or it will launch major attacks against its troops stationed in several countries.

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