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Germany: CDU rejects calls to bring thousands of refugee children from Greek camps

Two German parties are at loggerheads over how to deal with overcrowded migrant camps in Greece. The Greens are urging the government to come to the aid of 4,000 children, while the CDU said it is “not a solution.”


Germany’s interior ministry on Sunday rejected calls to grant asylum to refugee children currently living at overcrowded camps on the Greek islands.

Christian Democrat (CDU) Günter Krings, who also serves as parliamentary undersecretary in the interior ministry, responded to the Greens’ demand to aid thousands of children who are currently residing in the camps off the Turkish coast.

Krings told regional newspaper Rheinische Post that “unilateral admission campaigns for certain groups are not a solution.”

Green party leader Robert Habeck had asked the Berlin government to bring thousands of migrants from the Greek camps to Germany.

“Get the kids out first,” Habeck told German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Roughly 4,000 children, including “many girls, many fragile little people,” are in need of urgent help and it is a “requirement of humanity,” he insisted.


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