They continue war against Venezuela

14 countries withdraw ambassadors from Venezuela in hypocritical protest

Brazil’s coup regime among those pretending to doubt validity of election

23 May, 2018

NEOLIBERAL forces continue to undermine Venezuelan democracy as 14 countries recalled their ambassadors from Caracas yesterday in protest at President Nicolas Maduro’s election victory.

Washington moved to impose further economic sanctions in response to Mr Maduro’s victory with US President Donald Trump demanding fresh elections to “end the repression of the Venezuelans.”

Right-wing governments across the world condemned the victory of the Bolivarian Revolution despite almost six million Venezuelans voting for Mr Maduro, who finished comfortably ahead of his closest rival Henri Falcon who polled just 1.8 million votes.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza slammed the latest sanctions as “barbaric and in absolute contradiction to international law.”

“There is no unilateral measure, no type of pressure from that power that can intimidate the Venezuelan people, we are going to continue with our friends around the world opening paths for freedom,” he said.

The US has a long history of intervention in Latin America and is accused of using sanctions and trade embargoes as a weapon to foment regime change in countries with left-wing governments throughout the region.

Although Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Panama and Peru are cutting diplomatic ties with Venezuela, Mr Maduro’s victory was welcomed by Russia, Cuba, China, Bolivia and others who said the choice of the Venezuelan people should be respected.

Imperialist blocs, including the European Union, had called for Venezuela to halt the elections amid supposed concerns over a fair and transparent process.

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However, international observers praised the elections — the 24th since Hugo Chavez came to power in 1998 setting in motion the Bolivarian Revolution.

Pan-African parliamentarian Suelma Beiruk said: “It is a great victory for democracy and transparency in which the will of the Venezuelan people has been clearly expressed.”

While Brazil’s right-wing coup administration withdrew its ambassador from Caracas, the country’s Worker’s Party and Communist Party congratulated Mr Maduro, calling his victory “a triumph, an expression of the vitality of the Venezuelan democratic electoral system and the solid ties of government with the people.”

“It assures the population a broad right to vote and is equipped with transparency and verification mechanisms.

“It has been praised by former US President Jimmy Carter and now by former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero, who has been a member of the international monitoring delegations of Sunday’s elections,” the parties said in a joint statement.

They urged Brazilians to express solidarity with Venezuela.

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