There’s a Crisis Between U.S. Jewry and Israel, Says Jewish-American Journalist Thomas Friedman

‘You can’t tell American Jews: We want you to come to Israel, but your form of Jewish-religious expression is unacceptable to us,’ the Pulitzer prize-winning New York Times columnist tells Israeli weekly Makor Rishon

Sep 21, 2018

There is a crisis between Israel and American Jewry, Pulitzer prize-winning Jewish American journalist Thomas Friedman said in an interview with the Israeli weekly newspaper Makor Rishon.

Friedman, a senior columnist for The New York Times, who also served as the paper’s Jerusalem and Beirut correspondent in the past, said he believes Israel does not recognize the Jewish community he is a part of.

Giving an example for the widening fissure he sees between Israel and the world’s second largest Jewish community, Friedman told how his shul unanimously decided to stop its annual fundraising for Israel Bonds after the controversy surrounding the egalitarian prayer space in the Western Wall, which was meant to allow Jews from different streams of Judaism to pray in a mixed environment.