Pro-Erdoğan columnist: The world has a Jewish problem

In reaction to the killing of dozens of Palestinians by Israeli security forces on Monday, Yusuf Kaplan, a pro-Erdoğan columnist, said “the world has a Jewish problem,” calling on the international community to stop the Jews.

Claiming that Jews control everything from finance to the media, academia, the CIA, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the Pentagon and the arms industry in the US, Kaplan wrote in his column published in the pro-Erdoğan Yeni Şafak daily on Friday, “The [soulless] Jews have no homeland; the only gods they have are capital and money.”

Claiming that he was not fueling anti-Semitism, Kaplan said: “I recall how the Jews first took the Europeans and then the Americans captive in order to create their world hegemony, how they turned them into slaves of the greedy Jewish mentality.”