The working group on Latin America of the Party of the European Left in response to the sanctions imposed by the European Union to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

26 January 2018

The Party of the European Left (EL) expresses its rejection to the sanctions promoted against seven high officials of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, decreed by the Council of Foreign Affairs of the European Union on this day, January 22, 2018

The EL considers that these measures violate the precepts of the Charter of the United Nations and constitute a clear interference in the internal affairs of that South American country.

At a time when negotiations are taking place in the Dominican Republic, between the Venezuelan government and the opposition, these measures do not contribute to creating the good climate necessary for the development of these negotiations, on the contrary, they seem to show the European Union as aligned with one of the parts.

In addition, the sanctions adopted by the EU appear as a gross application of the US guidelines of Donald Trump, in his aggressive and bellicose policy against Venezuela and towards Latin America in general. The European Union should direct its efforts to serve as moderator and facilitate understanding, instead of appearing as a spur to the aggression practiced by the US, thus contributing to the increase of tension.

In response to the sanctions decreed, Diosdado Cabello, vice-president of the PSUV, announces to the National Constituent Assembly the convocation of presidential elections for the first four-month period of 2018: “If the world wants to apply sanctions, we will call elections”. The elections must be held before April 30 and it is up to the electoral authorities to set the exact date, in application of the Decree of the Constituent Assembly.

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The EL condemns the decision of the European Union and urges non-interference in internal affairs, on the contrary, the EU should support and be the guarantor of the will of the Venezuelan people who, on numerous occasions, have shown their support for their government to through the polls.

The EL salutes the announcement of elections, as a sign of the Venezuelan government’s willingness to seek solutions to normalize the country’s situation. Once again it will be the citizens, through the ballot boxes, who decide on the future of Venezuela

Finally, the EL strongly urges the European Union to rectify the sanctions taken and their involvement and commitment in accompanying the dialogue between the opposition and the Venezuelan government. We want to remember that dialogue and negotiation have been the hallmarks of European diplomacy when it comes to resolving conflicts on the world stage.

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