The terrible disaster in Pakistan: A warning for all of us

After the floods, Pakistan needs reparations, not charity

Sep 5, 2022
At the time of writing, more than one-third of Pakistan is under water. Flash floods, generated by abnormal monsoon rains have so far claimed the lives of 1350 people. One million residential buildings are totally or partially damaged, leaving more than 50 million people displaced from their homes.
Crucially, the flood is expected to add $10 billion worth of damage to an already teetering economy. More than 793,900 livestock have died, and families across Pakistan of a critical source of sustenance and livelihood. , Around two million acres of crops and orchards have been impacted.
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Pakistan floods: Disaster to cost more than $10bn, minister says

Aug 30, 2022
Pakistan’s planning minister says early estimates show the devastating floods that hit the country have caused at least $10bn (£8.5bn) of damage.
His comment comes as another government minister said that one-third of the South Asian nation has been submerged.
Separately on Monday, Pakistan received a $1.1bn bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
That money is aimed to help the cash-strapped economy avoid defaulting on its debts.
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The Floods Devastating Pakistan Are More Than a Natural Disaster