The Syrian victory over terrorists in Deir ez-Zor is horrifying Israel

Israeli TV recently reported concerns about the advances of the Syrian Army in the east of Syria, particularly in relation to the breaking of the ISIS sign on Deir ez-Zor ,an ISIS stronghold for around four years. Israeli analysts were shown watching reports on the victory of President Assad and the Syrian Army in Deir ez-Zor as they broke the siege and starting liberating more territory from ISIS.

The Syrian Army and their allies finally met with the  17th Republic Guard Brigade and the Airport Defenders in Deir ez-Zor who spent three years under terrorists siege. The US led coalition bombed Al-Thardeh mountain in Deir ez-Zor to keep the siege on the military airport and this airstrikes killed one tenth of the Syrian soldiers which in turn paved the way to the terrorists to advance into the city.Simultaneously Israeli targeted military positions on the southern front of Syria, all in September of 2016.

Over the last two years, Israel’s geo-strategic goal has shifted from seeking the destruction of the Syrian government to the goal of partitioning Syria in order to drive a geographical wedge between the growing alliance between Iran, Iraq, Syria, Southern Lebanon and parts of Palestine.

Deir ez-Zor was the last stand for Israel and its ally the United States, to break the resistance line from Teheran to Damascus and beyond this, Hezbollah Their dream of making Deir ez-Zor another Berlin and separate Syria into east and west and break the connection between the resistance axis turned into a nightmare after the great advance of the Syrian Army in Deir ez-Zor. Since then, the Army has  regained most of the city and has been welcomed by the besieged Syrian civilians of the city..

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The Israelis openly admit this strategy on their local television programs.

As relayed on Al-Myadeen TV, one Israeli stated,

“I can’t sleep after this victory of the Syrian Army, Iran and Hezbollah in the East of Syria. II cannot find a way to be optimistic about this. Assad is winning”.

Earlier this morning at 02.43 on Thursday the 7 of September 2017, Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace and aggressively fired missiles on a Syrian military position in the Masyaf  countryside, in the western part of Hama Governorate. The illegal Israeli strikes killed  two of the brave Syrian Army soldiers who defend the whole world against terrorists. Additionally, the aggressive Israeli action and caused material damage to the site.

The Israeli media has taken a cowardly and shameful attitude when faced with the fact that it has lost in Syria. Israeli media has stated that its aggressive act was the bombing of a chemical plant in Syria, even though Syria relinquish its chemical weapons in 2014, having never previously used them.

This is the bizarre and factually inaccurate pretext tgat both the U.S. and Israel use as a justification for illegal aggression against Syria, whenever the Syrian Army scores a major victory against western backed terrorists, including the so-called ISIS. A martyr fro my extended family who was in Deir ez-zor, a slain man called Karma, updated his followers on social media about how every time the Syrian Army advanced towards a terrorist position, they were targeted by US aircraft.

Our Russian comrades lost martyrs in Deir ez-Zor as well as in Palmyra, helping to defend Syria against terrorism. In this sense, while Russia maintains normal relations with Israel, the Russian military has helped to contain Israel’s ambitions to destroy Syria by covertly partnering with terrorist groups. Even Hamas has taken Israel’s side against the secular government in Damascus and furthermore Israel continues to open up its hospitals to wounded terrorists while using its American made fighter-jets to target the forces in Syria who are fighting the terrorists.

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We the Syrian people have a dream to see these aggressive Zionist warplanes being shot down. Their presence violates international law and their actions aid the terrorists we Syrians are fighting.

Enough is enough.