The Sankara Affair (October 15, 2020)

ICJS- International Campaign Justice for Sankara

The ICJS International Campaign Justice for Sankara commemorates the 33rd year of the tragic disappearance of Sankara with 12 of his comrades. Thomas Sankara embodied the last African revolution, coming to power at the age of 33. For 23 years the ICJS has fought against impunity in this case and calls for mass mobilisation to support our lawyers.
Below is the press release of the lawyers’ collective following the judge’s order.


The Lawyers’ Collective alongside the heirs of Captain Thomas SANKARA, President of the National Revolutionary Council assassinated on October 15, 1987 with a dozen of his comrades, inform the public that the case has now been filed before the Control Chamber by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The case has evolved significantly. It is filed as Thomas Isidore Noël SANKARA and his heirs versus X now :

– Blaise COMPAORE called Jubal,
– Hyacinth KAFANDO,
– Gilbert DIENDERE,
– Gabriel TAMINI,
– DIEBRE Alidou
and twenty (20) others. They are all prosecuted on various criminal charges, including attacks on State security, murder, forgery, the concealment of bodies, and or complicity in these offences.

The Collective wishes to inform the public that the Investigating Judge in the file, issued an order to refer the case to the Chamber of Control of the Military Tribunal of Ouagadougou. All parties have received the requisite notification.

The referral order is before the Control Chamber of the Investigating Magistrate as sufficient elements have been now gathered to allow for an upcoming trial to examine the circumstances in which the tragic events of October 15, 1987 took place.

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The Lawyers’ Collective will pay particular attention to the file that has been transmitted to the Control Chamber of the Military Tribunal of Ouagadougou.

On the occasion of the commemoration of the tragedy of October 15, 1987, the collective of lawyers wishes to reaffirm its unwavering commitment to the fight for truth and justice for the people and the victims of the coup d’État and will engage all efforts toward the legal proceedings now in progress.

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