The President and the Power

The President in the United States

We don’t believe to Post-Truth or to Post-Stupidity, we believe in Truth and the capacity of our Mind to find it, this is why we tend to analyze carefully what we read.

Reading all that stuff, one tends to believe that the Syria campaign was the price Mr. Trump had to pay to Mr. Netanyahu, for him to arrange the new Deal with the Deep State. And Steve Bannon the price Mr. Trump had to pay to the Deep State, to be accepted as President.

By the way, the Extreme Right has a tradition in that. Hitler had to kill the leaders of the SA, who seemed to take seriously the socialist, anti-capitalist slogans of German National Socialists. This permitted his historic compromise with Big Capital and also to direct the force he unleashed against Soviet Russia, provoking the 2nd World War.

The ideas of Bannon were useful in order to get power. Now, with Obama out, the system tends to unite again around the goal of pursuing the known Neocons program of wars in the Middle East (and not only).

But it is doing this in a much more dangerous situation, when Russia is already in the center of the Middle East.

Here, you may read two very interesting articles on the removal of Mr. Bannon.

Here the neocon commentator in New York Times suddenly falls in love with Donald Trump

And in Israel, Mr. Netanyahu is permitting to himself the privilege and the pleasure to announce before anybody else what is the plan

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It seems they are all so busy with their games, they have forgotten completely that Hybris brings Nemesis.