The “Immortals”: From Chernobyl to Gavdos, Crete

The Immortals at the Southern Point of Europe – Official Trailer

March 27, 2013

After the disastrous explosion at Chernobyl in 1986, one of the few survivors, the nuclear physicist Andrei Drozdov, decides to set up an Esoteric School based mainly on the philosophy of Pythagoras. Together with six other Russian scientists, they form a commune at the southernmost point of Europe, the remote island of Gavdos. Behind their profile of selfless workers and Orthodox Russian scientists, several myths begin to emerge in the local community: Might they be spies or perhaps members of an obscure sect? As a consequence of the seven scientists’ philosophical quest regarding the need to reconstruct this world and to create a new “immortal” human being, they trigger reactions from the Church and the local community, especially when they decide to build a Temple dedicated to Apollo.

The Immortals at the southern point of Europe from yiorgos moustakis on Vimeo.