The British working class passes to the offensive

Protesters Across UK Demand Government Address Fuel Poverty Crisis This Winter

Dec 4, 2022
People in dozens of cities across the United Kingdom hit the streets on Saturday to demand immediate government action to prevent thousands of struggling workers from freezing to death in their homes this winter.
Demonstrators drew attention to the worsening crisis of fuel poverty and called on lawmakers to pick up more of the tab for skyrocketing bills, fund home insulation, and accelerate clean energy production — all of which would be made easier by enacting a stronger tax on oil and gas corporations’ windfall profits.

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Factbox: UK faces winter of strikes as workers demand higher pay

Dec 6, 2022
Britain faces widespread industrial unrest in the run up to the Christmas holiday period and into January as workers struggling with double-digit inflation resort to strike action to demand better pay and working conditions.
Below are some of the industries in which labour unions have undertaken or threatened strikes:
Large sections of Britain’s rail network have been repeatedly brought to a standstill over recent months.
Tens of thousands of railway workers will stage further strikes before and after Christmas in a dispute over pay and conditions. Commuters are bracing for severe travel disruption over the festive period.

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NHS pay dispute: first nursing strike dates announced

Nov 22, 2022
RCN members will strike on 15 and 20 December at employers across England, Northern Ireland and Wales after the UK government rejected our offer of formal negotiations.
Our first phase of strike action will take place on Thursday 15 and Tuesday 20 December after the UK government turned down our offer of formal, detailed negotiations as an alternative to strikes.
The strikes will happen in England, Northern Ireland and Wales with a list of employers where strike action will take place announced next week.
Strike action will happen in phases, meaning more strike dates could be announced after initial action in December, if governments fail to enter into formal negotiations. They have the power and means to stop strikes at any point but have chosen to go down this route.

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RMT announces 4 weeks of industrial action

Niv 22, 2022
Rail union, RMT will put on a series of 48 hour strikes in December and January after industry bosses failed to offer any new deals to reach a settlement.
Over 40,000 members across Network and 14 Train Operating Companies will take strike action on 13, 14, 16 and 17 December and on January 3,4,6 and 7.There will also be an overtime ban across the railways from 18 December until 2 January, meaning RMT be taking industrial action for 4 weeks.

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Nov 29, 2022
Postal workers are warning of a “Christmas meltdown” in letters and deliveries as Royal Mail’s management refuse to enter negotiations that would avert strikes.
Local members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) – which represents postal workers – are sounding the alarm over the huge numbers of parcels and deliveries stacking up in every Royal Mail Group workplace across the country.
Throughout this year, 115,000 postal workers have been taking industrial action against senior management’s attempts to enforce massive real-terms pay cuts, force through thousands of compulsory redundancies and enact changes that would see Royal Mail turned into a Uber-style gig economy parcel courier.

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