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Dominic Cummings revelations of UK herd immunity policy: “Just let the thing wash through the country and not destroy the economy and move on,” Johnson declare

By Robert Stevens
Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser Dominic Cummings told BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg on Monday that the prime minister was adamant that to keep the economy open last autumn no further lockdowns could be contemplated. Johnson, said Cummings, declared of the deadly virus, “We should basically just ignore it and just let the thing wash through the country and not destroy the economy and move on.”
Cummings provided the BBC with a series of devastating WhatsApp messages written at the time by Johnson backing up his claims.
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The real power behind Boris Johnson

By Peter Oborne
27 July 2020
It’s 17 years since the neocons led Britain and US into the calamitous invasion of Iraq. Such was the scale of the disaster that you would have thought it would have driven them out of public life.
Far from it.
The British neoconservatives have not merely survived. They’ve flourished. They’re back in charge. It’s the opponents of the war (the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn being the leading example) who have lost power.
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Former Trump aide Steve Bannon endorses Dominic Cummings as a ‘brilliant guy’

By Andrew Woodcock
Donald Trump’s far-right former aide Steve Bannon has endorsed Boris Johnson‘s top adviser Dominic Cummings as a “brilliant guy”.
In interviews around the publication of a new book, Mr Bannon also predicted that Johnson will become “more populist” over time and said his best option in post-Brexit trade talks with the EU was to go for a “hard out, no deal” outcome.
Bannon is credited with masterminding Trump’s successful bid for the presidency in 2016 after making the Breitbart website which he managed into a rally point for far-right opinion in the US.
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Michael Gove and the American Neoconservatives

by Miles King
Last week I wrote about Michael Gove’s surprise arrival as Secretary of State for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs. There is so much more to write about this, but time is limited and I will not be able to cover everything in one piece.
Gove obviously has achieved notoriety amongst the Education establishment, by driving through unpopular reforms to the National Curriculum and to the testing regime. As these reforms have only recently been implemented, the benefits, or damage they cause will only become clear in the years to come.
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