Thank You Mother Russia, for Putting Israel in its Place – Gideon Levy

Sep 27, 2018

In recent years, Israel has become more “out of control” than usual, ‘patrolling’ Lebanese airspace and bombing the territory of Syria, writes the correspondent Gideon Levy of the country’s oldest daily, Haaretz.

Russia, which after the incident with the IL-20 decided to send the S-300 complexes to Syria, managed to “curb” Israel, showing it the scope of what is allowed, the journalist believes.

“A ray of hope breaks out from behind the clouds: someone sets the framework of what’s permissible for Israel. For the first time in many years, another state makes it clear to Israel that its influence has boundaries, that it is abnormal to do everything that it likes, that it is not alone involved in the game, that America can not always cover it and that it can not harm endlessly “, Writes Levy.

While Hezbollah defeated Israel 12 years ago in a major conflict over Lebanon, and also showed it where its boundaries and limitations are, Russia is the first state actor to do so as a state in many decades. 

According to the journalist, Israel needs such restrictions as a no-fly zone. In recent years, “arrogance” and the general geopolitical situation have allowed the country “to get out of control.”


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