Terrorizing British Labour Party with Antisemitism accusations!

Labour suspends ANOTHER activist over anti-Semitism allegations after claims she runs a Twitter account that said Jews ‘wring shekels’ out of the ‘holocaust industry’

  • Labour suspended Laura Stuart, who is linked to the @gazaboatconvoy account
  • Account tweeted messages including anti-Semitic slurs and holocaust denial
  • Labour has faced accusations it has refused to do enough to fight anti-Semitism  

Labour has suspended another activist over allegations of anti-Semitism after they were linked to a Twitter account which published slurs and holocaust denial.

Laura Stuart is one of several people who are thought to post on @GazaBoatConvoy, which describes itself as a pro-Palestine campaign.

At least one message claimed there ‘must still be plenty shekels to be wrung out of the memory of the Holocaust’ and used the hashtag #HolocaustIndustry.

Another post claimed ‘Jews love money and are a bunch of crooks’.