Labour shadow ministers resigned ‘because they feared Jeremy Corbyn would win general election’

Journalist-turned-Labour activist Paul Mason claimed Labour’s top team plotted to quit because it was their ‘last chance’ to unseat Mr Corbyn before a ‘winnable’ election

Labour shadow cabinet ministers resigned en masse because they were afraid Jeremy Corbyn would win an election, it was claimed this morning.

Journalist-turned Labour activist Paul Mason said members of Mr Corbyn’s top team had co-ordinated the mass walkout because they feared it was their “last chance” to unseat him before a “winnable” general election.

He made the comments on the BBC’s Broadcasting House programme this morning, interviewed alongside Rhea Wolfson – a member of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC).

Ms Wolfson, who was elected to the NEC this month with the backing of pro-Corbyn group Momentum, agreed that an early election was winnable if Labour can mobilise the huge increase in party membership to campaign on the doorstep.

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