Livingston first, Korbyn second!

Britain: The Livingstone affair! Kick out the Blairites!


Rob Sewell
6 April 2017


Ken Livingstone’s suspension from standing for office or representing the Labour Party for a further year for “bringing the party into disrepute” has provoked a cacophony of protests from the party’s right wing, all demanding his immediate expulsion.

A series of shadow cabinet members, including Tom Watson, the deputy leader, have joined the witchhunt against Livingstone, along with Sadiq Khan and Labour right-wingers. Britain’s Chief Rabbi has also added his condemnation.

Buckling under the pressure, Jeremy Corbyn himself has even suggested that the former London mayor’s refusal to apologise “could open him to further disciplinary action”.

The purpose of this storm – as with many of the other allegations against the Labour Left about inappropriate conduct and language over the past year – has nothing to do with anti-Semitism and everything to do with undermining Corbyn’s leadership and the Labour Party in the run up to the May elections. Labour’s right wing hope that a poor showing in May will force Corbyn out and put the Blairites back in the saddle.

It is not Livingstone who is bringing the party into disrepute, but the constant sabotage and backstabbing of these Tory infiltrators, who use the party for their own careers. They must be shown the door.

Defend Livingstone!
Bring back mandatory reselection of Labour MPs!