Sunday, 18 March , 2018

plan B

Interrogations sur la stratégie palestinienne | par Michel Warschawski

Mahmoud Abbas, une rupture en trompe-l’œil avec Donald Trump 22 janvier 2018 La décision de Donald Trump de transférer l’ambassade des États-Unis à Jérusalem et de...

Statement for a Standing Plan B in Europe

We, the undersigned, elected representatives, academics, trade unionists, social movements, party organisations, commit ourselves to a standing Plan B for Europe as a force of opposition and alternative to the European institutions. We refuse a Europe of permanent austerity, attacks on social and labour rights and devaluation of labour.

Brexit “viewed differently”

Within the next few days (on June 23. 2016) the Britons are summoned to decide on their stay in the European Union (E.U.) within the framework, besides, of the constant "reservations" the United Kingdom adopts as a standing policy on European issues

Going forward from B to A? Proposals for the Eurozone Crisis

After reviewing the main determinants of the current eurozone crisis, this paper discusses the feasibility of introducing fiscal currencies as a way to restore...

Looking for the exit

By Steffen Stierle  Peace, prosperity and democracy. For decades, these promises were used to win large majorities in favour of European integration, including the introduction...

Susan George οn TTIP and new European movements

Interview with Susan George, philosopher and political analyst. President of the Planning Committee of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. Former Vice President of ATTAC France. During...