Thursday, 30 May , 2024

Lenin Vladimir

Imperialism Is Alive and Kicking: A Marxist Analysis of Neoliberal Capitalism

By C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout | Interview The concept of imperialism has fallen out of the political lexicon of many leftists in the West, with...

Russia and Turkey: Consistency versus Unreliability

Modern Turkey is a strange amalgam of Western structures underpinned by Ottoman habits. Their various governments, whether military or not, are still heavily influenced by its huge military, and the contradiction between religion and secularism stills bedevils its development. Russia knows this, and knows that the bazaar mentality prevails in Turkish foreign policy. Rather than provoke a collapse of the shaky Turkish state, Russia prefers to weaken a neurotic NATO, and eventually bring Turkey into its sphere of influence, in the interests of Middle Eastern stability.

Where are Marx and Lenin when we need them?

Where are Marx and Lenin when we need them? By Paul Craig Roberts Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy Former Associate Editor of the...