Friday, 19 April , 2019


Erdogan and Christians

The manner in which Turkish President Erdogan chose to handle the latest developments in Turkey which made the well known conflict between the “ two Worlds” ( The Secular state v. The Islamic) surface again, have , as it is natural, raised concerns regarding these “new” approaches and their consequences in future Turkish public and, to a certain extent, private life .

Gülen – an “Islamic Soros”?

Since 2002, Gülen-affiliated foundations have quietly built up the largest charter-school network in America, with over 130 schoolsin 26 different states nationwide. This rapid buildup is troubling, however, since financial records suggest the cleric’s charter-school network has routinely funneled public-education dollars to its own members, often with unclear benefit to students.

Turkey: Islamists, Army and the Nation

The recent coup attempt in Turkey came as a complete surprise to most observers. But a decade ago, the only surprise would have been the fact that it didn’t succeed. After all, in the last 60 years Turkey has had four coups led by a military famously committed to secularism. When the Islamist Justice and Development Party, or AKP, was elected in 2002, another coup seemed all too likely.

Behind Terror and Anti-Terror

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos Stop discussing about the roots of terrorism, stop debating our policies in the Middle East (and all the Third World, but those...

A looming provocation? Turkey, Syria and the refugees

It seems that neither Turkey or Saudi Arabia are very happy with the Obama-Putin agreement in Syria. They are not also happy with the...