Thursday, 9 April , 2020


Agressivité contre le gouvernement italien : Verhofstadt se surpasse

15 février 2019 Feu à volonté sur le chef du gouvernement italien ! Le 12 février, celui-ci était « l’invité » des eurodéputés lors d’une séance plénière...

EU ‘risks pushing Venezuela towards civil war’ after parliament recognises Guaido

By Ana LAZARO 31/01/2019 The European Union risks pushing Venezuela towards civil war, rather than democracy, the country's ambassador warned after the European Parliament recognised Juan Guaidó...

MEPs protest Syria strikes during Macron’s call for EU unity

17 Apr, 2018 A group of MEPs held placards reading “Hands off Syria!” during Emmanuel Macron’s address before the European parliament on Tuesday, overshadowing the...

“Liberal” European Elites for Authoritarianism and Cold War

In the aftermath of the November 8 US presidential election, sections of the Democratic Party, the intelligence services and the media have intensified unsubstantiated pre-election claims that the Russian government hacked into Democratic Party email servers to undermine the campaign of Hillary Clinton.