EU ‘risks pushing Venezuela towards civil war’ after parliament recognises Guaido

The European Union risks pushing Venezuela towards civil war, rather than democracy, the country’s ambassador warned after the European Parliament recognised Juan Guaidó as interim President.

The resolution was approved with the votes of the two main groups: the conservative European People’s Party and Socialists. MEPs also called on EU Governments and Institutions to do the same until new free and transparent elections are called

In an interview with Euronews, Venezuela’s ambassador to the EU, Claudia Salerno, said this will fuel tensions in the country and urged the European member states to act with responsibility.

“The European Parliament can not consider itself above the Security Council. The important thing is to ask whether the European Union is willing to take a step forward to bring Venezuela into a situation of civil war; that is the question that must be asked,” Salerno said.

“Not if Venezuela wants to make changes. Venezuela has been making profound changes for the last 20 years in its democracy and institutions and it’s always been the people’s choice.”