Tuesday, 31 January , 2023

EU Referendum

George Galloway: Why I’m backing Brexit

The left-wing firebrand and former MP said the UK should be able to decide for itself "how many immigrants we have, who we deport, what the levels of taxation are and what our foreign policy should be".

Julian Assange Backs Brexit, Says Cameron Govt ‘Launders’ Decisions to EU

The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has lived in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for four years already, expressed his support for Brexit, because the current UK government is using the EU to justify their own decisions

Sterling, bond yields gain as Brexit views shift

Sterling and bond yields rose on Friday as traders tried to assess whether the killing of a pro-European Union British lawmaker may change the...

Why I am voting to leave the EU

With sadness and tortured by doubts, I will cast my vote as an ordinary citizen for withdrawal from the European Union. Let there be no illusion about the trauma of Brexit. Anybody who claims that Britain can lightly disengage after 43 years enmeshed in EU affairs is a charlatan or a dreamer, or has little contact with the realities of global finance and geopolitics.

Should We Stay or Should We Go? A Debate Over Brexit

Four Brits let us know. By Helen Lewis, Jon Cruddas, Harris Beider and Tariq Ali The Sun Has Set. Get Over It By HELEN LEWIS Until recently, I...

Brexit would be the worst of all worlds, says Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis has appealed for the UK to remain in the European Union because leaving would hasten the disintegration of the 28-nation bloc. The former Greek finance minister made the call at a Guardian live debate in Westminster on Thursday night.

Brexit “viewed differently”

Within the next few days (on June 23. 2016) the Britons are summoned to decide on their stay in the European Union (E.U.) within the framework, besides, of the constant "reservations" the United Kingdom adopts as a standing policy on European issues

The Socialist Alternative to the European Union

The EU referendum is a fight between two wings of the Tory Party. Rather than supporting either of these, it is the task of Marxists to tell the truth, expose the lies and hypocrisy on both sides, and fight for a Socialist Europe.

Corbyn on EU and TTIP

This is the speech entitled The EU referendum is era-defining moment for workers’ rights given by Jeremy Corbyn at the Institute of Engineering Technology...

Britain on the brink – part two

In this second part of this very interesting article on Britain written by the British Marxists of Socialist Appeal, the polarized situation, which is...