Wednesday, 28 February , 2024

EU enlargement

Erdogan threatening Assad, Cyprus, Greece and EU!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement that his goal in Syria was to end the rule of Bashar Assad has caused consternation in the Kremlin, with officials saying it contradicted previous assurances and was out of sync with Moscow’s take on the situation.

Brussels-Ankara: Turkish Elite trying to save what can still be saved

Suspending European Union membership negotiations would be the wrong signal for Europe to send Turkey. The move, set to be debated in the European Parliament, would eliminate what’s left of the EU’s leverage over Ankara and further erode the credibility of Turkish liberals, whose European-friendly narrative has already made them an endangered species.

Τhe Battle over CETA is far from over

No more than two days were needed for the CETA text, only just signed in front of the cameras, to be rejected again. The German Greens announced their intention of blocking its ratification, in its present form, in the Bundesrat, something that is within their capacities given the way that its system functions. Is the participation of the Bundesrat indispensable for ratification of the treaty? German jurists are working on this question, and it is thorny.

Greece is not enough. They want Cyprus also. Why the EU...

By essentially denying the principle of popular sovereignty, it is also denying the principle of national sovereignty, the (relatively) independent character of the Greek state. Greece occupies a strategic place in the Eastern Mediterranean, on the route connecting Russia with the Mediterranean and Western Europe with the Middle East. Its independence was never completely tolerated by the British and then the American empires. Greeks were also suspected of leaning towards Russians, or at least this was the argument justifying the innumerable Western interventions in this country.

Left debates post-Brexit

There are many aspects of life in Britain that those who voted leave hope will improve with Brexit. On holiday in Suffolk this summer (where 60% voted leave) my wife Kate and I were surprised to be told by the skipper on a coastal boat trip that Brussels was responsible for problems facing the Avocet population on Orford Ness: in a fit of ecological correctness gone

EU to bear full responsibility for civil war in Ukraine

What do you think about the current government led by Poroshenko? It is really criminal and committed the full spectrum of crimes against humanity. In order to achieve their goals Poroshenko and his team has been destroying the basic state institutions. They are supporting and promoting radicalism. I could bring many examples for that

Not serious. Surreal confusion and the usual lies on Brexit and...

The chief adviser to Turkey’s President Erdogan has accused David Cameron of deserting Turkey in its quest to gain ascension to the European Union.

Dutch Socialists welcome the No vote


Is the EU collapsing? (The Dutch earthquake)

by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos Dutch voters spoke again, as they had spoken in June 2005, when they rejected, along with French voters, the proposed European Constitutional...