Syrian troops and Russian military police enter Tel Tamer. Russia strengthens its dominant position

Russia-backed Syrian forces enter Kurdish-held region amid U.S. retreat

October 14, 2019
Russia-backed Syrian forces wasted no time in taking advantage of an abrupt U.S. retreat from Syria on Monday, deploying deep inside Kurdish-held territory south of the Turkish frontier less than 24 hours after Washington announced a full withdrawal.
Washington’s former Kurdish allies said they had brought in the Syrian troops as an “emergency measure” to help fend off an assault by Turkey, launched last week with “a green light” from President Donald Trump that the Kurds describe as a betrayal.

Syrian Kurds, Damascus Reach Deal in Russia-Backed Talks

14 Oct, 2019
Syrian ground troops are moving north to confront invading Turkish forces per a deal that was reached by the Kurdish SDF and the Assad government, in talks brokered by Russia and held on a Russian air base.
The deal sees the Kurds unilaterally handing over two important cities, Kobane and Manbij, both in the Aleppo Province, to the central government to rule. This means Turkey’s invasion of those cities would be a direct invasion of Syrian cities under government control. Those two cities are also where Syria’s Army is heading first. This would make Turkey attacking those cities more controversial, and also raises the possibility of Russia intervening on the government’s behalf.

Syrian Army deployed to country’s northeast to counter ‘Turkish aggression’

14 Oct, 2019
Syrian government troops have reportedly entered Tell Tamer, a town in the middle of the Kurdish-controlled part of the country, amid a continuing Turkish offensive against Kurdish militias.
Syrian Arab Army troops entered the town early on Monday, according to SANA. Tell Tamer is a relatively small town, but it’s located on an intersection of several major roads and is of strategic importance. Footage from the scene, filmed by a Ruptly stringer, showed several busses and cars carrying Syrian soldiers waving national flags.

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Iraq sending troops to Syrian border amid Turkish invasion, fear of ISIS infiltration: Source

13 Oct., 2019
Iraq is deploying troops to areas along its border with Syria that are affected by the Turkish military incursion into the northern part of the country to block Islamic State insurgents from crossing into Iraqi territories, a security source told Kurdistan 24 on Sunday.
“There are movements to secure the 325-kilometer border” between the neighboring countries from the Iraqi side, the source said, on condition of anonymity. He added that the provincial security forces of Nineveh and Anbar—the only two Iraqi provinces that border Syria—are on alert.