Swedish neo-Nazi Party Attends Biggest Political Event in Sweden

Swedish police have been criticized for allowing the Nordic Resistance Movement to participate – During last year’s events, party members called filmmaker ‘filthy Jew’

Jul 06, 2018

The neo-Nazi party Nordic Resistance Movement has been allowed by the Swedish police to publicly hold meetings and demonstrations at the Almedalen Week, the biggest political event in Sweden taking place this week. According to Swedish law, all public gatherings and demonstrations require a permit approved by the police department.

The Nordic Resistance Movement seeks to create a Nordic republic, made up of the countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland and wants to expel all citizens that do not have an “ethnic northern European heritage”.

The party is openly anti-Semitic and states in their party program that they want to “retake power from the global Zionist elite that economically and militarily occupied the majority of our world”. They are also outspoken Holocaust deniers.

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