Stop the War, stop sending arms to Ukraine. An appeal from Brussels

The participants of the conference Confidence Building Measures in the Face of Sharp Polarization in Europe, which was held at the European Parliament on March 20, 2023, have adopted the following appeal:

The war in Ukraine continues unabated, causing vast destruction to Ukraine’s people and its infrastructure, as well as enormous damage to the global economy. If the fighting continues, Ukraine will soon be a depopulated, devastated country.

Many people throughout Europe fear an escalation of the war. They fear for their future and that of their children.

The prolongation of the Ukrainian conflict is increasing the risk of nuclear, ecological, and socio-economic global disaster, and potentially risking the annihilation of humanity.

This is why we consider of utmost urgency to call for an immediate ceasefire and for a start of negotiations accompanied by the lifting of sanctions and a halt to the arming of Ukraine. Negotiating does not mean capitulating. Negotiating means making compromises. With the aim of preventing hundreds of thousands more deaths, or worse.

We call on all governments to stop the escalation of arms deliveries. Now! Every day this war continues costs up to 1,000 more lives – and brings us closer to World War 3.

There is no more important task for humanity today than to stop our descent towards disaster!

We call on the citizens of the world, on all social movements, intellectuals, trade unions, religious communities, and governments to act firmly in this direction and to coordinate their efforts to achieve lasting peace.

  • Pino Cabras (Italy), former Member of Parliament, editor of online portal Megachip
  • Aleksandar Ciric (Serbia), Board Member, Association of Lawyers of Black see – Caspian see regions
  • Michel Collon (Belgium), journalist, Director of Investig’ Action
  • Clare Daly (Ireland), Member of the European Parliament
  • Gilbert Doctorow (Belgium), political analyst, writer
  • Franceska Donato (Italy), Member of the European Parliament
  • Leo Gabriel (Austria), Member of the International Council of the World Social Forum
  • Marcel de Graaff (Netherlands), Member of the European Parliament
  • Inaki Irazabalbeitia (Basque country), former Member of the European Parliament
  • Dimitris Konstantakopoulos (Greece), journalist, member of the editorial board of online portal Defend Democracy Press
  • Josifs Korens (Latvia), President, International Mouvement Pour un Futur Sans Fascisme
  • Tamas Krausz (Hungary), Editorial board of quarterly journal Eszmélet/Consciousness
  • Vladimirs Lindermans (Latvia), journalist, publicist
  • Miroslav Radacovsky (Slovakia), Member of the European Parliament
  • Ivan Vilibor Sincic (Croatia), Member of the European Parliament
  • Mick Wallace (Ireland), Member of the European Parliament
  • Zahari Zahariev (Bulgaria), President, Slavyani Foundation
  • Tatjana Zdanoka (Latvia), Member of the European Parliament
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