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The US-backed coup in Venezuela has definitely stalled. More than 3 weeks have passed since little-known Juan Guaido swore himself in as “interim president”, and there seems to be no clear sign of what happens next. But don’t take it from us! VA interviewed opposition supporters during an anti-government march on Youth Day (Feb. 12) to get their thoughts on the next steps, foreign intervention, sanctions and more. Feb. 12 also saw a large Chavista march on the other side of town, with youth and popular movements coming out in defense of national sovereignty.

With no clear road map to Miraflores Palace, tensions are now building up around “humanitarian aid” being stockpiled across the border in Colombia. Guaido has set Feb. 23 as the date when aid will enter the country “no matter what.” Venezuelan authorities have vowed not to let it happen, seeing it as a trigger for foreign intervention. And, like clockwork, Trump again refused to rule out military action against Venezuela. (It’s worth pointing out that the US has pledged $20M in aid, whereas the latest sanctions alone (an oil embargo) cost Venezuela $30M… per day!)

On the analysis front we continue challenging the mainstream narrative, so be sure to check out Lucas Koerner’s dissection of the “constitutional” arguments behind the opposition coup, while Paul Dobson contrasts the furious diplomatic battles with the ongoing normalcy on the streets. Plus, have you heard how “the world” supports Guaido? We have a few maps and pie charts that tell a different story.

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