Solidarity with the imprisoned popular economy’s workers and political leaders of Argentina

A new act of police harassment took place today against the Senegalese street vendors who work daily in the neighborhood of Constitución, Buenos Aires. Faced with the abuse, several militants of the Movement of Excluded Workers (MTE – CTEP) tried to interposed to the police action in defense of the comrades of the popular economy. The response of the security force was the arrest of workers and militants.

As a result of this violent episode, a spontaneous rally was organized demanding the release of the comrades. This peaceful demonstration found repression and arrest of several people as sole response. Among them, recognized references of the CTEP as Juan Grabois, Jacqueline Flores and Rafael Klejzler.

We ask international visibility of the antidemocratic response of the security forces against the legitimate right to protest and solidarity with fellow detainees.

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Confederación de Trabajadores de la Economía Popular (CTEP)