Serbia: This schizophrenia has to stop

By Dusan Mihajlović
Jun 11, 2020

The Serbian military humiliated NATO in 1999. The plan of the Western politicians and NATO officials was to finish their job in Serbia within a week. NATO military “experts” estimated that the Serbian military would not be able to resist any longer than that. After 78 days of bombing, mostly civilian targets, NATO showed the falsity of its power and its lack of respect for the principles of war. After these 78 days of bombing the Serbian military and state, NATO was forced to the negotiating table. During those 78 days of inhuman bombing, the Serbian military shot down their precious stealth F-1176, many choppers, a B-52, and more… NATO was left humiliated and furious.

Following these events, NATO decided to humiliate the Serbian military in turn with a color revolution in September 2000. NATO did not have any military way to be better than the Serbian military, despite being far more powerful in size and technology. But, as the Serbian Church and State official Petar Petrović Njegoš wrote “Gorski said in the XIX century said: “It is not the weapons which wins the battle, it is the heart of the soldier which wins it…”

After the coup in September 2000, a color revolution which set an example for all the future ones, NATO, the EU and all of their stooges thought (wrongly again) that they would only need a short period of time to influence Serbian military to turn to their side… After 20 years, it has not happened.

20 years after destroying Serbian military weapon arsenal, after expelling the best soldiers and officers from the military, after appointing their paid stooges in key places, NATO has not achieved anything: most of the military still despise those who work with NATO (both domestic and foreign). At the same time, most of these NATO posers and pawns are not able to deliver what they promised to their chiefs and bosses.

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Most professional members of the Serbian military (and regular citizens) have not forgotten who they are nor their honourable forebears. The NATO gang is not aware of those principles and criteria, since they come from cowboy, criminal, incestuous and pirate backgrounds, and would not hesitate to betray their countries for money.

These days, the Serbian military is in a very hard situation for many reasons:

– Most of its professionals are totally aware that their political representatives are selling them out and the country…

– NATO has its offices (the entire 2nd floor) of the very same building of Serbian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence

– The Organization of the Serbian Armed Forces has adjusted itself toward NATO, although they were better organized and existed long before NATO even existed.

– The rector of the University of Defence, Assistant PhD Lieutenant General Goran Radovanović, is openly lobbying for Western occupation of Serbian Armed Forces – He is not open about in his speeches, but rather, in his deeds – he is very proud of his communication with the Foreign Office and never misses an opportunity to outline that. He is ruining everything the Serbian military tries to achieve.

– Colonel Prof. Bojan Zrnić, PhD, who is in charge of the Military Academy in Belgrade, does his best to make the centuries-old tradition of the Serbian army meaningless and to connect it with stupid projects of Western technology (the Serbian military proved in 1999 that Western “advanced technology” is nothing to Serbian military skills. ” There is a very well known quote from the Serbian military about the downing of an American F-117 stealth fighter: “Sorry, we did not know it was invisible.”

– Both Radovanović and Zrnić are doing everything to humiliate the Serbian Military. Both of them are working on brainwashing the cadets at the Military Academy and the students at the University of Defence. Both of them are happy like dogs when they are awarded with kind words from MI6 and NATO.

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It is a well-known fact that a country can not be defeated if its military is in a good shape – those two officers, who are a disgrace to the Serbian military, are doing everything to ruin the Serbian military, helping Western colonizers conquer everything, ruin our country and cover up their unsuccessful attempts.

The parts of Serbian military who are loyal to the country and its people are subjected to harassment, humiliation and removal from service. Deranged NATO pawns can not bear people better than them and their equally deranged bosses.

NATO has been unable to successfully occupy the Serbian military. It can only bribe some of the officers or lobby for their servants to be put in important positions, but they are still miserable – even an ordinary soldier of the Serbian Army recognizes such people from a kilometer away.

The Serbian military needs help to protect the country from political wrongdoings and from paid-off politicians, who are pawns of the sick Western system and its political agenda. The Serbian military has never betrayed the country and its people for centuries of its existence. Now, it is facing an unprecedented level of open betrayal, and a change in its system of values imposed by the sick West, and is, for the first time, in contact with political leadership, working on behalf of the occupiers rather than the country and its people. The betrayal of political leadership is taking place on levels which it never has before – the Serbian military does not have a tradition of military coups precisely because it never faced this level of betrayal by political leadership.

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The best thing for Serbia would be a military government, as the country’s leadership have become pawns of the West, which does not care for Serbian statehood. The Serbian military is trying to balance between its duties by Constitution and its consciousness and moral perceived by common sense – which is not a very pleasant position to be in.

The Serbian military is one of the oldest in Europe; it has shown its skills and courage in many situations. Now, it has to fight those who swore on the Constitution and Miroslav’s Gospel that they would protect the state, but betrayed it all the same.

This schizophrenia has to stop. The Serbian military protected its country many times in the past and does not deserve abuse and mistreatment from these temporary political authorities who misuse their official state posts. The Serbian military has survived many bought-off politicians and traitors – and it will survive these ones as well. Nonetheless, it is important that they have allies among friendly armies, especially in Eurasia.

The real question is, why does the Serbian Minister of Defence, whom the military favors because he started to actually take care of the military and halt its ruining, not remove these traitors and cancerous elements from the highest military posts? Why does he not replace them with people who are loyal to Serbia? There are many who are far more loyal and deserving than these traitors. If these traitors would like a military career, they should first change their citizenship, and leave Serbia to live like rats elsewhere.