Russian National Vinnik Taken From Greek Hospital

Jan. 23, 2020

ATHENS (Sputnik) – Russian national Alexander Vinnik, who has been held in Greece since 2017 and is wanted by the United States and France on money laundering charges, has been taken from a Greek hospital to some unknown location, his lawyers said on Thursday.
This happened soon after the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece announced it was dismissing the defence team’s complaint against the decision to extradite Vinnik, who is currently on a hunger strike to protest against the violations of his rights, to the US and France.
“They have taken Alexander from the hospital, with threats to doctors, [they said] they ‘were ordered to deliver him.’ His fate is being ignored, [Greek Justice] Minister [Konstantinos] Tsiaras has not responded to us. Since last evening it has been impossible to contact him,” lawyer Zoe Konstantopoulo wrote on Facebook.
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Jailed Russian National Vinnik Currently at Hospital in Paris

Jan. 23, 2020
Russian national Alexander Vinnik is currently at a hospital in Paris, France, his lawyer, Zoe Konstantopoulou, said on Thursday via a Facebook post.
According to his defence, Vinnik is at Hotel Dieu hospital in Paris, as a French colleague told Konstantopoulou, while the Greek authorities “are concealing [the truth] and say they are unaware of that”.
If this is not a complete violation of the principle of rule of law, then what is it?”, Konstantopoulou wrote on Facebook.
Konstantopoulou added that the authorities will try to question him tonight, “exhausted and without communication or information”, and that she had already sent a request to postpone his hearing for tomorrow.
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 Vinnik in Bad Condition at French Hospital

Jan. 25, 2020
PARIS (Sputnik) – Russian national Alexander Vinnik, who had been held in Greece since 2017 and is wanted by the United States and France on money laundering charges, has been transferred to a different hospital in Paris and is in very bad condition, Vinnik’s lawyer Zoe Konstantopoulo said.
On Thursday, after a two-year legal debate, Vinnik was extradited from Greece to France. He was transferred from a hospital in Greece to Hotel-Dieu hospital in Paris.
“He was forbidden to communicate with anyone – he could not warn me, he could not talk to his family. He was taken and transported to France without carrying out the necessary extradition procedures. This is a very, very serious violation of not only human rights, but also the rule of law guaranteed by the state,” Konstantopoulo said on Saturday.
The lawyer tried to meet with Vinnik at the Hotel-Dieu hospital in Paris but could not find him there.
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