Russia Calls for Ceasefire Between Israel and Palestinians

President Putin will discuss this matter with Israeli PM Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Abbas.

Oct 16, 2023

On Monday, the Kremlin today called for the immediate resumption of the political settlement process of the conflict in the Middle East.

“Given the situation, the main thing now is the immediate ceasefire and beginning the process of political settlement,” said Yuri Ushakov, presidential adviser for international affairs.

He called for actively adopting the necessary steps to avoid an escalation in the Middle East and stressed that the goal of peace negotiations should be the implementation of the “Two-State” formula approved by the United Nations.

Ushakov also recalled that this formula presupposes “the creation of an independent State with its capital in East Jerusalem, which lives in peace and security with Israel.”

In telephone conversations, Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss this matter with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

The Russian president will also speak with the leaders of Iran, Syria and Egypt, countries that are involved in one way or another in the conflict.

On Friday, the head of the Kremlin warned that the civilian casualties that an Israeli ground operation would cause in the Gaza Strip are “unacceptable.”

Putin also pointed out that the outbreak of violence in the Middle East is a “great tragedy”, which is the result of the failure of U.S. policy in that region.

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