Russia bans Memorial

Russia’s Supreme Court shuts down foreign-agent listed NGO

MOSCOW, December 28. /TASS/. The Russian Supreme Court handed down a verdict to dissolve the International Memorial historical educational society (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia) on Tuesday, a TASS correspondent reported.
“[I hereby decree] to satisfy the lawsuit by the Prosecutor General’s office to dissolve the International Memorial historical educational society,” judge Alla Nazarova announced.
By the court’s decision, all the divisions of the organization will be liquidated.
The court announced only the resolutory part of the decision, its motives remain unknown. The court’s decision has not yet become effective and may be appealed.
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Russian court bans Memorial

December 28, 2021
A court in Moscow has ordered the liquidation of a prominent NGO dedicated to preserving the memory of those who died under communist rule, after prosecutors said the group was seeking to rewrite the history of the Soviet Union.
In a ruling issued on Tuesday, a judge decreed that Memorial, already registered as a ‘foreign agent’ over its links to overseas funding, would no longer be able to operate in Russia after authorities said that it had repeatedly broken the law.
During the hearing, a representative of the Prosecutor General said that Memorial “was created as an organization to perpetuate historical memory, but now it is almost completely focused on distorting historical memory, primarily about the Great Patriotic War,” as WWII is known in Russia. According to the official, the group “creates a false image of the USSR as a terrorist state” and “attempts to whitewash and rehabilitate Nazi war criminals who have the blood of Soviet citizens on their hands… probably because someone is paying for this.”
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Russia orders closure of human rights group Memorial

Russia’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the closure of Memorial International, one of the country’s most prominent NGOs.
The organization faced charges under the Russia’s controversial NGO laws, which demands groups which are funded from abroad to clearly mark all their material as issued by “a foreign agent.”
Opposition groups, however, believe Memorial prompted the ire of the government by gathering information on millions killed by the state under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.
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