Putin meets Bolton amid nuclear treaty exit tensions

‘Did Your Eagle Eat the Olives?’ Putin Teases Bolton About US Coat of Arms

The Russian president met Donald Trump’s national security advisor on Tuesday, telling him he was “surprised” by Washington’s “unprovoked” and unfriendly steps toward Moscow, while stressing the importance of continued dialogue.
“As far as I can recall, the US coat of arms depicts an eagle, holding 13 arrows in one talon, and an olive branch, a symbol of peace-loving policy, with 13 olives, in the other. Question: Did your eagle eat all the olives, leaving only arrows?” Putin asked.
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Putin suggests meeting with Trump in Paris on November 11

23 Oct, 2018
The Russian President has suggested he could meet Donald Trump in Paris in early November at an event commemorating the end of the First World War. It was mentioned in talks with US National Security Advisor John Bolton in Moscow.
It would be helpful to continue a direct dialog with the US president on the sidelines of international events that are scheduled to take place in the near future, in Paris, for example,” Putin told Bolton during a meeting in the Kremlin as he spoke about his potential talks with Trump.
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US National Security Adviser Bolton Holds Presser Following Meeting With Putin

23 Oct, 2018
US National Security Adviser John Bolton is holding a press conference following the meetings with Russian Security Council Head Nikolai Patrushev and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“We discussed our continuing concern with Russian meddling in elections, and why it was particularly harmful to Russian-American relations, without producing anything for them in return. And we had lengthy conversations about arms control issues, the new strategic landscape and the president’s decision on the INF treaty,” Bolton told reporters after his meeting with Putin.
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Bolton Rejects Russian Call to Stay in Nuclear Treaty

23 Oct, 2018
Following meetings with Russian officials, John Bolton confirmed that the US has refused Russian calls to remain in the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, saying that the American position remains that Russia is “in violation.”
The US announced intentions to withdraw from INF over the weekend, claiming a long-standing believe that Russia is in violation. Russia has maintained that they are not, and has warned that the collapse of the deal threatens a new arms race.
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