Putin calls Russia a ‘distinct civilization’ that needs to be SAVED with homegrown high-tech

17 May, 2020

President Vladimir Putin has compared his multi-ethnic and multi-faith nation to an entire civilization, saying that if Russia is to maintain its independent status, it has to develop its own cutting-edge technologies.

In an interview that aired on Sunday, Putin told the Rossiya-1 channel that Russia was “more than merely a country, but truly a distinct civilization.” Being “a multi-ethnic country with many traditions, cultures and faiths,” the nation has to maintain its status and power by nurturing modern tech, he said.

If we want to preserve this civilization, we need to focus on high technologies and their future development.

The interview was recorded in late September, but has only now been made public. It focused on Russia’s need to lead the research into technologies such as artificial intelligence and advanced genetics to maintain a competitive edge and defend its independence.

The development of hypersonic weapons systems that no other nation currently has in service showcases Russia’s solid scientific and engineering foundation, Putin said.