Protests in Paris as public transport strike hits day 24

Violence breaks out as French yellow vest protesters take to the streets of Paris on 24th day of country’s crippling public transport strike

  • Jerome Rodrigues, a leading ‘Yellow Vest’, was hit in the eye with a police shield during protests in Paris 
  • Protesters gathered on the Place de la Bourse and the Gare du Nord train station in the French capital 
  • Yesterday, the head of a hardline French trade union vowed to press on with the crippling strike into 4th week

By Ryan Fahey

Violence broke out on the streets of Paris today when French ‘yellow vest’ protesters gathered on the 24th day of the nationwide multi-sector strike.

Protesters marching against the French government’s planned pension reform clashed with the police in Paris on Saturday as police fired tear gas to disperse some groups of demonstrators.

French trade unions have spearheaded nationwide strikes since early December in an outcry over President Emmanuel Macron’s pensions overhaul, disrupting schools, railways and roads, while lending support to regular protests.

On Saturday ‘yellow vests’ – an anti-government movement that sprung up a year ago as a backlash against the high cost of living – joined a rally of several thousand people against the pensions shake-up.

Police used tear gas against protesters close to tourists hotspots like the Centre Pompidou museum of modern art, where some demonstrators had tried to erect barricades and set fire to them, and smashed up a bus stop.