Protests and clashes with police after death of Roma boy

Dec 13, 2022

Carrying banners and shouting “Murderers” thousands of Greeks protest in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities for the death of 16-year-old Kostas Fragoulis, an unarmed Roma boy shot in the head by a police officer.

At the time, angry members of Roma communities across the country have started fires and set barricades in protest.

After nine days intubated in ICU in a hospital in Thessaloniki Kostas Fragloulis died on Tuesday morning.

In Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania and Patras, people took to the streets with slogans such as “16-year-old dead for 20 euros of petrol”.

At some point the otherwise peaceful protests turned into clashes with riot police, stones, sticks, molotov cocktail bombs, flash-bangs and teargas.

At least 26 people were detained in Athens, so far, reports

Roma protest in several parts of the country

A fire broke out in a Roma camp in Aspropyrgos, West Attica, when protesters started to burn tires. Two trains of Proastiakos were forced to return to previous stations as the flames spread to the rail tracks.

Roma in Kamares area, Evia, started fires and gathered in order to plan a march towards Halkida and the Evia police headquarters.

The ring road outside the Roma camp in the “Karakonero” area, in the city of Rhodes, was closed this evening by dozens of Roma, mainly young people. They started fires and set up barricades. They shout slogans and demand justice.

Strong police forces and two vehicles of the Rhodes Fire Service rushed to the scene.

Charges against police officer to be upgraded

The charges against the 34-year-old police officer, who shot 16-year-old Roma boy, are being upgraded.

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Citing judicial sources, state-run news agency amna reports that following the victim’s death, the investigator handling the case file will request that a new criminal prosecution be instituted, a more correct legal characterization of the act attributed to the police officer.

The officer was initially charged with “attempted murder with possible intention”, which is a felony.

Within the next 24 hours, the Criminal Court of Thessaloniki will decide on the criminal treatment of the 34-year-old police officer. The court’s Judicial Council will decide whether the accused officer will be remanded or set free on bail pending trial.

After the death of Kostas Fragoulis, the Greek Police have been set on general alert  reportedly “until further notice for reasons of public order and security”.
This essentially means that all scheduled vacations are “frozen”, days off are cut and working hours are abolished if deemed necessary. It also means there may be more police forces deployment.

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