Pope addresses tension in eastern Mediterranean sea

Aug.30, 2020

Pope Francis prays for dialogue and a resolution to the conflicts threatening peace on the Mediterranean.

After the recitation of the Marian Prayer during his Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis prayed for the “instability” in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. “I follow with concern the tensions in the eastern Mediterranean”, he said. The Pope did not mention the countries involved.

“I appeal for constructive dialogue and respect for international law  in order to resolve the conflicts that threaten the peace of the peoples of that region”, he added.


Tensions have grown in the last few weeks in the eastern Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey. It is over the vast gas and oil deposits discovered a decade ago. The two countries recently signed maritime agreements: last year Turkey with Libya, and last month Greece with Egypt.

Greece and Turkey are now at odds with the interpretation of their respective territorial waters borders and, therefore, their right to explore and use energy resources.

The tension between Ankara and Athens rose after 10 August with the deployment of the Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis.

The EU has warned Turkey that it could face new sanctions, including tough economic measures, unless progress is made in reducing tensions.

On Wednesday, Turkey said it was open to talks with Greece without preconditions, although yesterday it announced new military training manoeuvres for another two weeks.

The countries of the European Union are trying, on their part, to avoid escalating the confrontation.