On the Nato – Russia crisis

US will not provide security guarantees Russia needs — expert

MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. The United States will not agree to conclude the legally binding agreements on the security guarantees Russia has proposed, but it is quite possible that Moscow and Washington might come to terms in the field of arms control, the deputy director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies of the Higher School of Economics, expert of the Valdai Discussion Club Dmitry Suslov told TASS.
Russia hopes to get a written reply from the United States this week regarding the results of the negotiations held on January 10 and 12.

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Putin’s demand for security guarantees: Not new and not to be taken literally, but not to be ignored

By Andrey A. Baklitskiy
January 14, 2022

Russia sustains one of the world’s largest nuclear arsenals and the most powerful European conventional military force. Yet as Russia amasses military forces in the vicinity of its shared border with Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin has demanded long-term, legally binding security guarantees from Washington and NATO, who collectively wield a military force four times that of Russia’s and have the military budget comparable to the entire Russian gross domestic product.
A lot has been written about Russia’s call for security guarantees. They have been described as anything from a basis for a new, just security order in Europe to imperialist blackmail. The polarization is understandable. Moscow has proposed sweeping changes and supported its statement by military deployments and promises of “military-technical reciprocal measures” if its concerns were not addressed.

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Ukraine changes its mind on culprit behind cyberattack

16 Jan, 2022

A Ukrainian ministry now says “evidence” indicates Moscow was behind Friday’s attack on Kiev’s governmental websites. The move comes after another official earlier pointed the finger at hackers backed by Belarusian intelligence.
The statement arrived less than a day after the deputy secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, Sergey Demedyuk, blamed the incident on Belarus. The large-scale hack is said to have rendered the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of other government agencies temporarily inaccessible.

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US and NATO escalation of conflict with Russia is leading to war

The US and its European allies, using Ukraine as a pretext, are deliberately and recklessly escalating their confrontation with Russia. Everything they are saying and doing leads to the conclusion that war, whether declared or undeclared, is their goal.
All the talk of imminent war is emanating from Washington, the European capitals and filthy pro-imperialist media on both sides of the Atlantic. The claims that Russia is about to invade are supplemented by dire warnings, for which absolutely no evidence is presented, that Moscow is planning to stage a “false-flag” operation, which it will then use to justify an invasion.

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Germany has lost its economic freedom – Russia

By Jonny Tickle
Jan 15, 2021

The ongoing saga with the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and its long wait for approval and certification shows that Germany has no freedom to pursue its own economic interests, Russia’s foreign minister has claimed.
Speaking to the Russian First Channel on Thursday, Sergey Lavrov suggested that right now Berlin doesn’t have economic sovereignty and is at the mercy of third parties.

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