Offer free Airbnb housing to Greece’s health workers during Coronavirus

March 25, 2020

With the coronavirus outbreak heading towards its peak in Greece, many health workers need free housing for several reasons. Some have been deployed to hospitals away from home and in other regions, others want to live alone in order to protect their families, especially the vulnerable family members. An initiate on social media, appeals especially to Airbnb owners.

Lockdown and travel restrictions have created a lot of empty housing specifically in the Airbnb sector. Apartments stay empty and most probably will do in the next weeks or even months due to travel restrictions within Greece and for travelers arriving from abroad. For example: non-permanent residents are not allowed to travel to the islands, flights from several countries have been suspended, travelers form abroad go into a 14-day house isolation.

A community of Airbnb hosts in Greece has launched an initiative calling on owners to offer Free housing for those who really need it.

“Airbnb Greece -Greek Hosts page is a community for hosts but mostly for humans! All of us whenever we are can, offer for FREE our house which we do not rent to people who really need it, to people who need to stay away from people who belong to vulnerable groups. Lets prove that hosts are mostly humans! Lets be part of the change!, they write on their Facebook group which they have renamed for the purpose of the initiative on March 15, 2020.

From what I read, next to the offers there are also people working in hospitals posting about their housing needs.

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The FB Page is in Greek but it is quite easy to post your offer in the section “Popular Topics” categorized in areas like Thessaloniki, Athens, etc.

Facebook Page: I offer my AIRBNB home for FREE during Covid-19 Crisis