Housing for All

Europe’s housing crisis

  • European legislation restricts cities and districts when they want to invest in affordable housing. Since the economic and financial crisis of 2008/2009, public-sector investments in affordable and social housing have fallen by 50%.
  • There is an alarming lack of affordable housing in Europe’s cities. Housing has become too expensive for many people. The amount of money left over to live on is decreasing by the day.
  • Because of the high housing costs, many people are forced to leave the city and have to commute long distances into town every day to work or study.
  • Short-term letting to tourists via digital platforms drastically reduces the amount of housing available for local residents in many cities.

By signing the petition, you demand…

that the European Commission creates better legal and financial conditions in order to enable affordable housing for all in Europe. This includes:

  • easier access for all to affordable, public and social housing,
  • not applying the Maastricht criteria to public investment in affordable, public and social housing,
  • better access to EU funding for public and non-profit housing developers,
  • social, competition-based rules for short-term rentals and
  • the compilation of statistics on housing needs in Europe on local level.