Nuland supports infamous oligarch to rule Moldova

By Octavian Racu

The visit of Vladimir Plahotniuc (the infamous Moldavian oligarch and mafia boss – Katehon) to the US and the fuss over the use of military equipment for the May 9 parade in the center of Chisinau, which is meant to irritate the Russian side, do not appear to be coincidences.

Victoria Nuland’s appearance alongside the controversial oligarch serves as a message from the world’s hegemon: Plahotniuc is and will be your master. It doesn’t matter what I think or what Moldovan citizens want as long as the White House is more concerned with its military games in Eastern Europe. But what does Plahotniuc want? We can assume that this figure of Moldovan politics is to become no more nor less than the president of Moldova. We must not hide behind finger-pointing and we should not be naive: the validity of any election depends on Washington’s recognition, even if the election is a big hoax.

The Central Electoral Commission is ready to arrange for 99% of votes to be in favor of the DP (Plahotniuc’s “Democratic Party”) candidate, and the opposition will be unable to challenge the results since the West will recognize the “profoundly democratic character” of the election. In this case, there will be no Euromaidan in Chisinau and Victoria Nuland won’t have to distribute biscuits and urge everyone to “fight to the last drop of blood.”

How can Americans tolerate such anti-democratic meddling? It’s quite simple. The Americans have a very pragmatic and realistic nature. Such a policy of double standards can be traced back to its use in Latin America or Africa where the US supported dictatorships and criminals. It is enough to remember Anastasio Samozo Garcia, the dictator of Nicaragua, about whom Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: “Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.”

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Now, the American government has no choice but to indoctrinate the population with the idea that the “Russian danger” is alive and well and that Russia represents a major problem. I would not even exclude the deliberate organization of problems by the Americans in order to “demonstrate” this line. During the previous election campaign in Moldova, I saw what the current regime is truly capable of: overnight, terrorists and an “outbreak of civil war” were invented out of thin air. One can only hope that those in power will have enough sense not to resort to bloodshed for show. The rest of the cosmetic job related to PR will be taken care of with substantial financial resources (such as pasta, buckwheat, and socks) and brainwashing by the largest media holdings.

P.S. I keep my fingers crossed for Donald Trump. With him, perhaps we will succeed in getting rid of America’s infamous foreign policy.

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