North Korea, Spain, CIA: A very strange incident

March 16, 2019

Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos

Former Greek ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos talks with RT about CIA denies involment in storming of North Corean embassy in Madrid

William Mallinson

North Korea, Spain, CIA: A very strange incident

Miguel González,Patricia Ortega Dolz

Investigators from the Spanish police and National Intelligence Center (CNI) have linked an attack on the North Korean embassy in Madrid on February 22 to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
At least two of the 10 assailants who broke into the embassy and interrogated diplomatic staff have been identified and have connections to the US intelligence agency. The CIA has denied any involvement but government sources say their response was “unconvincing.”
If it is proven that the CIA was behind the attack, it could lead to a diplomatic spat between Madrid and Washington. Government sources say that it would be “unacceptable” for an ally to take such action. Not only would it mean that the US agency had operated on Spanish soil without asking for authorization or informing the authorities, it would also be a violation of the international conventions that protect diplomatic delegations.


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