More Yellow Vests demonstrate all over France despite regime’s repression and terrorist threats!

There is something extraordinary, and absolutely revealing happening with the way both hostile and friendly to the Yellow Vests international media are covering what is happening in France.

The reporting concentrates essentially to the clashes, the meetings and only some of the social demands of the Yellow Vests.

But there is practically no, or too little information provided on the revolutionary political demands of the Yellow Vests. There is also too little information about the real social situation in France, which is characteristic of at least half of Europe.

Citizens of countries like Britain or Germany do not have in practical terms the possibility to get informed about what and why is really happening in the center of the EU!

German newspapers in particular write about the French revolt like it has to do with France’s exceptionalism.

Nearly nobody is connecting what is happening now in France, and, before France, in Greece, Britain or Italy with the German policy of destroying and plundering Greece and imposing an iron austerity policy on all Europe, on behalf of the international Finance. A policy initiated by the CDU, but followed also by SPD and even by a part of Linke around Gysi, the “mentor” now of “radical leftist” turned neoliberal Alexis Tsipras!

In the meantime, more people demonstrated all over France on Saturday 12th of January. To get an idea of what happened you may look to the links below.

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos