Modi-Government Quietly Working To Revoke The Indus Water Treaty With Pakistan – Reports

After the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, the Modi-Government has accelerated efforts to breach the Indus Water Treaty (IWT) by constructing dams on water flowing into Pakistan.

Diverting Indus Water Would Be Act Of Aggression – Pakistan Warns India

According to reports in Pakistan Media which EurAsian Times accessed – Indian diplomats have started lobbying with like-minded UN members. New Delhi is disseminating a draft plan asserting that it needs to act on several options including construction of new dams in Jammu and Kashmir to counter environmental impacts of climate change including fog in its neighbouring countries.

The report in quoting several sources states that – India is very cleverly promoting its narrative by hinting that since Jammu and Kashmir is now a Union territory, it has every right to use its water rivers flowing into Pakistan.

Indian lobbyists in Washington have also engaged a number of democratic and republican congressmen to prevent any possible negative reaction once the draft is made public. The strategy is two-prong: first, to build dams storing water and cutting supply of water flow to Pakistan and, second, to open the gates when water levels in proposed dams from glassier are about to burst flooding Pakistan causing havoc and destruction all around, according to the sources.