Italy rejects war

12 Apr., 2018

(Article 11 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic)

The announced US missile attack on Syria is likely to blow up a conflict of unpredictable outcomes.

The Syrian Arab Republic, a sovereign State member of the United Nations, has been subjected to a war of aggression since 2011. It is waged by the United States and the other NATO powers, by Israel and the Gulf monarchies.

For years, through an international network organized by the CIA, terrorist organizations, including ISIS, have been financed and armed to demolish the Syrian State from within, as already done with the Libyan State. However, the plan failed due to the Russian military intervention in support of the Syrian Arab Republic.

As a pretext for the announced missile attack, Washington blames the Syrian government for using chemical weapons without any evidence, ignoring the fact that Syria completed chemical disarmament under international control in 2014. There is evidence, however, that the Pentagon provided chemical weapons and related training to terrorist groups in Syria via contractors.

Whenever the US wants to attack a country, they build a false accusation to attack it: for example, in 1964 they staged the “Gulf of Tonkin incident” (which turned out to be false) to bomb North Vietnam; in 2003 they accused Iraq of possessing “weapons of mass destruction” (which proved to be non-existent) to attack and invade the country.

The announced US missile attack on Syria is in fact a sort of declaration of war on Russia, made by President Trump via Twitter: ” Get ready Russia, because our missiles will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’ ”

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Moscow’s response was calm, but at the same time determined: it warned that the Russian forces in Syria would shoot down the missiles. This creates the most serious state of tension from the end of the Cold War to the present.

In this new and even more dangerous phase of the US / NATO escalation against Russia, Italy is in the front row. The warships preparing to attack Syria depend on the US Naval Command in Europe, whose headquarters are in Naples-Capodichino. The Command is under the orders of the admiral who at the same time commands the joint NATO force with headquarters in Lago Patria (Naples). The war operation is supported by the US aeronaval base of Sigonella and the US Niscemi ground station of the Muos system of naval communications.

Italy must absolutely disengage from this war strategy, which violates our Constitution, in particular the principle established by Article 11: “Italy rejects war as an instrument of aggression against the freedom of other peoples and as a means for the settlement of international disputes”.

The presence of US military commands and bases on our national territory and Italy’s membership of NATO under US command deprive the Italian Republic of the ability to make independent choices of foreign and military policy, decided democratically on the basis of constitutional principles.

We again launch the call to fight for a sovereign and neutral Italy