Israeli spy firm reportedly targeted researchers probing hacks of dissidents

Black Cube, which aided Harvey Weinstein, targeted six people connected to lawsuits against the Israeli hacking firm NSO Group, say new reports.

By DJ Pangburn

The controversial Tel Aviv-based intelligence company Black Cube dispatched a flock of covert operatives to probe researchers, lawyers, and a journalist researching the Israeli cyberweapons firm NSO Group, according to a report on Israel’s Channel 12.

Both companies have so far denied any role in the operation, which involved private spies attempting to goad people into making racist and anti-Israel remarks and reveal sensitive information–provocations that one operative tried in a botched attempt in New York last month.

Spies have targeted at least six people in North America and Europe who are connected to ongoing lawsuits against NSO Group, according to a separate report on Monday by the Associated Press.

Channel 12’s report, which aired on Saturday in Israel, included hidden-camera footage of two of NSO’s critics meeting with undercover operatives. The TV report criticized lawsuits against NSO, claiming a “smear campaign” against the company.


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