Israel, the forefront of modern Totalitarianism

‘Total Suspension of Individual Freedom’: Inside Israel’s Secret Coronavirus Debate

Public health services chief tells Knesset intelligence panel that Israel needs to employ a total lockdown and personal monitoring in the struggle to contain the spread of the disease
By Noa Landau and Jonathan Lis
Israel’s public health services chief told an emergency meeting of lawmakers on an intelligence panel earlier this week that the key to eradicating the coronavirus pandemic relies on the enforcement of strict isolation measures, and the timing of introducing that policy.
In her remarks to the Knesset Subcommittee on Intelligence and Secret Services on Monday, concerning the Shin Bet security service’s monitoring of coronavirus patients, Sigal Sadetsky referenced the Chinese handling of COVID-19. She told the panel’s chairman, MK Gabi Ashkenazi (Kahol Lavan), that it all depends on “when you start it and how strongly you do it,” and that she believes “everyone will do the same thing.”

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Questions and curfews

Mar 19, 2020
As of last night our town of Beit Sahour is under complete curfew. Even shopping for food is prohibited. The emergency committee stated that we can call shops for home delivery. However, I am not sure how that would work out since most people need money which they do not have and if they do have it in the bank would need to go to ATMs which are prohibited and banks are closed in the Bethlehem district so they cannot re-stock the ATM machines. This is a global catastrophe. I also would like to check on needy people and help them but I have to figure how we can do that under complete curfew. Staff are all at home and we try to do work though psychologically it is challenging. But we must keep our spirits up.